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MDM Productions is a full service sound & lighting company. MDM delivers equipment to the event; we load in, run sound and/or lighting, & load out.

Clients often use MDM Productions for concerts, corporate events, cd release events, youth conferences, raves, weddings, etc.

Past locations have included the Hilton & Executive Tower, Aquariva, medium to large Worship Halls, Schools, Grange Halls & Community Centers, even capable of outdoor event setups.

Formed in 2001, Mixed Digital Media was just another DJ company. In 2006, it was time to take it to another level; with the goals, gear, and quality set to a new standard. MDM Productions & Venture Media have teamed together in the beginning of 2007. As we head into 2008, the lighting department has taken the spotlight. Custom trussing, LEDs, & new programs with the ability to edit on the fly. We will benefit your band considerably, making you not only sound great, but look professional as well. While keeping your cost and stress low. Whether you need a great PA system or brilliant lighting, MDM has it. You won't be disappointed with our products or service. With the next event you schedule, give MDM Productions a call.

Events & Productions:
A Swank Affair - 16th & 17th annual Champagne Ball @ The Hilton (NewYears Eve)
A Swank Affair - Mardi Gras: Moulin Rouge
Crave Magazine - Issue Release Parties
MDM Productions - Revamped I & II (Benefit Concerts for World Vision)


Dixie's Tavern
Duke's Bar & Grill
Outlaw's Bar & Grill
Rock & Roll Pizza

National Acts:

36 Crazy Fists                          Bullet Boys                         John Reuben                
American Head Charge            Everclear                            Kaddisfly            
Benjiman                                 Gin Blossoms                      Kittie
BOBAFLEX                           Godhead                             Mondo Generator
Britny Fox                               In This Molment                  Rayzing Sons
Silent Civilian                           Skinlab                               Soul Bender
The Mercury Tree                   Wheatus                             Vanilla Ice
Vast                                        & many more!


Kacy Carpenter
Owner, MDM Productions
(503) 680-5776

Johnny Luis
Co-Owner/Lighting Director, MDM Productions